Prevailed Publishing is no ordinary publisher! We have a humanitarian flare to help empower, and uplift those who need it most! Our innovative approach to publishing creates the opportunity for author's to support those in need through the publishing process.

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In order to ensure that we work with creators and authors who stand in integrity and loving work with us to support those in need, we've chosen to publish content exclusively for people within companies and/or organizations that share our values.

So if you are interested in using one of our services, please check out one of the companies below and become a part of their network/community for access to Prevailed Publishing.

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Ready to build a life that you can truly be proud of?!?! One that reflects your true identity and purpose!!!

Prevail With Love offers a very unique, interactive experience that provides the tools, techniques, and resources needed to identify and appreciate one's true value so that value can be used to obtain victory in every aspect of life.

Victory, peace, and freedom are possible when built on the right foundation. Since Love is "the natural resource and process of all things good and just", it is the only foundation strong enough to ensure that victory lasts and that everything works together for the better.

That's why Prevail With Love is dedicated to helping people understand their true value, develop a loving relationship with self, and then show them how to monetize that value both actively as well as passively.

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Lifestyle Designed by love

The coolest place to learn about Love & LifeStyle (or at least we think so)!

Love Lessons Library Inc. strives to provide a fresh perspective on Love & LifeStyle that is "edutaining" (educational and entertaining)! Our unique definition of love alone proves worthy of true consideration:

Love is "the natural resource and process of all things good and just".

Wow! Does that mean there is a love that NEVER fails when it's done right?!?! - It's the only kind of love that truly conquers hate, heals every wound, overcomes every challenge, and stands the test of time! This is the same natural resource that can restore different types of relationships, stop all kinds of abuse, cure mental health issues and more!

Pretty cool, right?!?!...

That's why Love Lessons Library Inc. is dedicated to helping people understand this profound kind of Love, so they can apply it in the most effective ways to develop self-love, as well as unconditional love for others.

Applying Love to your foundation, and then allowing it to flow to every area of your life, will open you up to receive unwavering happiness, love, appreciation, and so much more! It's time to step into the life of love that you deserve!

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Bringing people and businesses together to inspire change in the ways that matter most! United we stand... So let's UNITE!

UNITE has missioned itself with the task of innovating the bridge between the classes. With the focus of nurturing each individual's purpose and identity to unlock one's true value through personal development, and then offer opportunities to use one's natural gifts to create both passive and active income, respectfully, through career and/or business development.

Partnerships are created with true purpose and the greater good in mind. These are the kinds of partnerships that produce change agents and inspire empowerment throughout nations. Can you imagine a world where everyone lived a fulfilling purpose-driven life? Well, UNITE works relentlessly to turn that dream into a reality!

That's why UNITE is dedicated to helping people respect them-self, develop partnerships based on integrity, and create affordable opportunities that are inclusive.

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